Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3 Days till Open House

I stopped painting and am helping with
what ever is on the "honey do" list.
Behind the scenes of Open House...
Today I ran some errands, replaced light bulbs,
fixed the screen door handle, new toilet seat
in the studio, laid a rug and set up screens
to hang paintings in the studio. Gathered
trash for tomorrows pick up. Helped put
new labels on all the paintings. Linda and her
crew cleared out the studio rooms of extra
stuff. Set up a framing area in the basement
for emergencies. All the paintings are titled,
priced and new labels printed. Linda finished the
menu and a grocery list.
Menu sample:
Veggies/dip, Salmon cheesecake/crackers,
Black Bean Salsa, Feta Pinwheels,
Pumpkin dip/cookies, hot wassail, wine,
soda, coffee...
Here is a sample of the studio, multiple
choices of mat colors for each print.
My website has been updated and most
of the new paintings are listed under
"originals". No sales are allowed until
2:00 on Friday 11/20, but you can put
your wish list together!

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