Wednesday, November 4, 2009

16 Days till Open House

I am writing early today because we are taking
some young friends to see Disney on Ice...

Behind the scenes of Open House...

I received a few questions about the
amount of my mailing.

Invitation background:
Way back when I first started showing, Linda
set out a tablet for people to add their name
and address if they wanted info about what I
was doing. She keeps a database that I have
never even been into. It has names, who bought
what, when and where. So we now have over
6000 names. Every one gets an invitation
because even if you live in CA you can see the
new prints and place an order and we ship it to
you. It becomes double marketing.
Yes, we mail out over 6000 first class .44 postage.
Yes it adds up fast, Yes Linda is up nights worrying
about regrouping the cash outlay! But it has
faithfully been successful for 26 years.

Keep your eye out for this card...

click to enlarge...

Linda lays out the design and works with a
local printer; Miller Printing who has been
printing our mailer for years.

This is what
look like
on their
way to
post office!

It is the old adage, you need to spend
money to make money and believe me
it is flying out our door!!

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