Thursday, November 5, 2009

15 Days till Open House

We had a "care plan" meeting for my Mom
this morning then we spent some time with
her. After that there were a few errands to
run and back home to paint.

Behind the scenes of Open House...
I moved out of my studio a few weeks ago
because Linda needed the room for cutting mats.
I am able to paint all over the house, I am not
to choosy where I sit or get hung up on having
natural light. I do like having a TV on for noise.
Tonight I am in our kitchen area. Notice I have
two paintings started. I am studying the one
propped up, planning my next move. Meanwhile
I am working on pears. My eyes are tired tonight
and it is only 8pm!

I picked up my new prints today! Tomorrow
I will sign and number them. They look great.
I print the old 4-color off set lithograph and usually
print an edition of 450. This time I only printed
200 of each! It is truly a limited edition.
My goal is to sell out! Linda has them on my
website under "new prints" if you wish to place
an order! The numbers on the prints will go out
in the order the orders come in. We are going to
Chadds Ford Gallery tomorrow so if you are
calling to order wait until after 4:00!

Here is another sample of an original that will
be available. 11x22"

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Kathy said...

Thanks for posting your countdown to your open house. I enjoy reading what you are doing to prepare for it. You should write a bouk about "getting ready" I still can get over the fact that you sent our 6,000 invites. I wished I lived closer to attend:)How much food to you make? Hope it is your best one yet!!