Sunday, March 26, 2023

2023 Flower #6

SOLD!    $155. (unframed) 4X6” mini original watercolor
Available to the 1st person to email
(framing 8x10 - $35 - shipping available at cost)
If unsold by 3/28 the price goes to $250

These tulips were on our kitchen table,

Blessing update:  It was a BIG blessing weekend and big thank you to everyone!
My friend and fellow artist Martin May sent a cute print.
Click here to see more of his work.

Fridays dinner arrived from Mary Beth & Chris  B.  I started eating my fabulous steak sandwich before I remembered to take a photo!  She got them somewhere in West Chester, maybe I was hungry but it was the best!!

Saturday Tracee & Ruth brought soup and Ted & Robert brought fresh sour dough bread! oh my...

And then our dear friend Joan K, who knows NO limits brings so many bags of food...   4 meals, 2 salads and bread from our favorite restaurant Lemoncello. For that she gets a big HUG!! She brought Linda 4 bottles of wine (I may not drink right now...)  But I got fresh squeezed OJ and Evian water.  Cheese & crackers, mini cakes and flowers... we will be feasting for days!

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