Monday, August 9, 2021

2021 Flower #1

mini original watercolor    $225.

The morning glories are out in all their glory.  They come in so many colors and shades of color and the flower only lasts a day.  This one is from this morning when I took a stroll around the garden.  It was wrapped around wire that Linda has up.  Notice the detail on the wire fencing!  But that purple...
I guess its soon time for my annual sunflower paintings.

I have not answered a Question of the Day in a while...
Do you seek out opportunities?
I have to say no.  In my early days I searched for exhibits and places to hang my work, tried some Galleries.  Looked into grants and teaching seminars.  As my client base grew and I did more outdoor shows I was blessed with enough sales to keep me busy.  I do not look for opportunities but if one comes my way I consider it.  Covid has changed my "normal" so normally I will hang a show in a retirement home, bank or business if asked, limiting it to 2 a year.  I still go into schools (again, not right now)  to talk for career day, again only 1 a year.  If my schedule allows I will talk to organizations/clubs about being an artist.  I teach at my studio.  I promote my own website, blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.  I send regular cards and Constant Contacts to clients.  OK, Linda does a lot of this, I mostly paint!    I really do not need more to do!  I think you do more when you are first starting out to help promote your name.

If you have a question you can send an email and I will add it to my list.

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