Thursday, April 16, 2015

Boat Commission finished!

Finished!  A very happy client just left with her new painting.
I am not a boat painter and my boat knowledge is slim,
thankfully my photos were good!  This was all hand-drawn
and I used my brush to add the lines and rigging.  My client
is adding her own custom frame and I can't wait to see it
framed.   Now back to some of my own work for my shows.

Last weekend we had a fantastic day at Bushkill Falls.  We
had been there when we were dating and I do not remember
there being so many steps...  lots and lots of steps!  If you plan
a trip, we had breakfast at Vinny D's (looked like a dive outside...)
but we had great breakfast sandwiches and coffee.  And after
our great day we had dinner at North 9th Street Restaurant
and it was excellent!  A very special place to eat.

Here we are enjoying the day!

This Saturday… I will be at:100% HANDCRAFTED SHOW
Saturday, April 18 from 10am to 3pm
Held at Robbinsville H.S.
155 Robbinsville Edinburg Rd, Robbinsville NJ


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy - not sure if my first comment went through. I really like this picture. How do you paint the straight lines for the rigging without getting the paint to get too thick in spots.

Thanks for your time and advise.
-Amateur leaner.

Linda said...

You have a lovely blog. You are a very talented artist!