Friday, April 10, 2015

2nd Friday in Lititz

Tonight I can be found at 2nd Friday in downtown
Lititz, PA. My prints will be gracing the walls of
Thomas Morton's fine furniture for the next three months.
The store is located at 61 E Main St. in Lititz.

I have started another commission that has been taking
up my time...  a model boat.  A bit out of my wheelhouse!
It has lots of fine detail, I drew it and did not like the shape
ran out of room on my paper, so after three days I started
over.  Here is the corrected drawing.  The painting will fit
into a 17x21 frame.
     Once the drawing was approved by my client
    I started painting... (click over to enlarge)

    Still have lots more to go...

    Also remember it is track season!!
    ELCO Jr.Hi. invitational is tomorrow, and if the weather
    is nice on Sunday we plan to go to Bushkill Falls for the day.

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