Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday Check in...

Another two weeks have flown by...  I am working!
First (very important)
Track Update:  At the ELCO Invitational, 17 teams ~
Warwick girls took 1st!   Warwick boys took 3rd!
We are undefeated with 4 meets under our belts.

Home Update:  Linda came down with bronchitis, bad
enough for a doctor visit.  Still coughing but much better.
Cleaning out the garage is still going strong.  Several
free items taken off our curb this week, a few things listed
on Craigs List and the trash goes out tomorrow!  Not sure
Linda will make her end of April deadline but we are focused!

Painting Update:   All my time is going to my commercial
account commission.  Here are the first of four paintings.
I am very pleased with the way they are turning out.  I am
really focused on getting them just right!

Show Schedule:   And the season is now  in full swing.
I will be packing the suburban on Friday!
Lewisburg Arts Festival
Held on Market Street
in Lewisburg, PA  from 10 to 5 ~ free!
My space is #92 (moved from last year)

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Corey Fou Chong said...

Amazing paintings Andy!!