Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday check in

I just realized I have not blogged for almost a month, the
longest I have ever gone.  No excuses, I will simply
catch you up.
Classes:  All four of my classes finished the last week
in March. I will teach again in September.  Linda's living rooms
are back to being part of the house instead of an extension
of the studio!
Track:  I coach Jr.Hi. sprinters for Warwick (Lititz, PA)
We are in the 5th week of track.  Both boys are girls
are 3-0!!   Always very proud! We have ELCO Invitational
this Saturday.  I love track and I love working with the kids!
Life Issues:  Our computer died and had to be replaced $$$  
A week later the printer died and had to be replaced $$  
Last week I lost my only pair of glasses.  I had to get a new
pair or I can't  see to paint!  I thought Linda would have a
coronary at the cost $$$   This week the glasses were
found on the bus we took to a meet,  hidden in the seat belt!
I keep trying to spin it, how lucky I am now to have a spare
pair but she's not buying it!
Then my suburban, which is parked on the street, was
swiped during the night with no one taking responsibility.
On the bright side, I can drive it.  On the down side, it looks
bad and I have a $500 deductible.  In an effort for Linda to
control life she decided our garage must be emptied of all
stored junk!  I took 3 loads of old used bikes to a shop in
Lancaster that recycles them.  Linda sold one large pile of her
Moms craft supplies. There are more where they came from!
I was informed we are working on it again in the morning...
she is determined to have it emptied by the end of the month!
Painting:  I have been painting.  I finished two commissions...
 A clients house commission.

A clients hollyhocks from France.

I also finished three paintings for my booth which I will
post later and this morning started a commission of a series
of 4 paintings for a business.  Not sure I may share them I am working, just not on small blog pieces.
That wraps up the past four weeks!

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Very nice paintings