Sunday, January 17, 2010

Holiday Series #17

4"x6" Miniature Original Watercolor

This is the last holiday painting! I did two
as special requests and my client took this
one. I feel I am ending on a high note, this
has a wonderful warm feeling to it.

Last night we went with friends to see
Blind Side. What a wonderful movie.
It moved me... I highly recommend you
go see it.

My Show Schedule continued...
I talked about jury fees, so now we are down
to booth fees. Your booth fee covers just the
plot of land you may set up on. You also assume
the promoter is actually promoting the show so
some of this fee should go towards advertising
but that is out of your hands.
Inside spaces are often smaller. Outside should
be 10'x10' which is the average tent size. My
cheapest fee is probably $85 and I can pay up to
$1000. There are some really expensive indoor shows
that I just do not gamble on, although in theory
the clients should be large spenders but that is not
my experience. I am paying for shows now that
are not held till May... so your money is out a long
time before you earn it back. I have already written
$2000 worth of fees and I do not even start a show
until February! You can see my schedule on my web
site. Do not even try to figure out why Linda picked
the ones she did, you will need to consult her! I do not
really care where we go! So, I think that wraps up the
schedule information unless you have a question.

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Autumn Leaves said...

Andy, I am guessing from this post that you have been talking about art shows and I am so happy to read your words on that subject. I'm so curious about the whole prospect of showing one's work (not that I will ever do it) and greatly admire you wonderful artists who travel and do these shows. Anyway, I love this little holiday painting. The brick work is fabulous and I so love mullioned windows!