Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holiday Series #16 ~ Red bow

4"x6" Miniature Original Watercolor

I had two clients ask for a few more holiday
paintings with red bows. When my public
speaks, I listen! This is from historic
Strasburg, PA. I liked the rural feeling of this
scene. With an antique wood wheelbarrow off to
one side and there was a cord of stacked wood
on the other side. You have to imagine that.

My Show Schedule continued...
There are two kinds of shows.
Juried and Unjuried.
1) Unjuried does not care what you make only
that you send in money and they give you a space.
They often say handmade but that can be pretty loose.
Often the quality is not as good, but I do a few simply
because I have clients in the area and they come to
see me and also quality stands out! The space fee is
often much less. These can be some schools fundraisers,
a town sponsored show; they feature mostly crafts with
a little art and photography thrown in. No prestige and
some artists would not be caught dead here.
2) Juried... this means someone or a panel looks at your
work and decides if you fit into their show. Even with
juried shows the quality varies. Some juries are trying
to offer a broad range, others want gallery quality, some
are traditional, some contemporary. Many are now
charging an extra fee; jury fee, application fee, processing
fee... Regardless what they call it it cost from $10 to $45
for the privledge of them judging you and they all will
take your money and then say yes or no!
The jury process has really changed over my 30 years of
showing. When I started, they wanted photos or slides.
With computers, now many of the bigger shows are
juried on line using a service. They have strict guidelines
for digital photos. Many applications are only on line, saving
postage mailing them to you. To bad if you are not computer
literate. Also to consider, I have my schedule all planned
and then I do not get accepted... better shows can get
500-2000 applications and only filling 250 spaces...
someone is not going to be happy. So do you double book,
loosing fees or do you play confident and gamble. Can you
guess what Linda does?? She gets so very upset when I get
a rejection letter, she stews about it for days!
You could also be put on a waiting list, meaning you are next
if someone in your category drops out. Now you see why
Linda takes Motrin during schedule time!
more tomorrow...

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