Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glass Study

5"x5" Miniature Original Watercolor

I need a few paintings featuring glass for
a demonstration I am giving. Here is three
glass bottles behind a glass window pane.

If you purchase this painting I need to keep it
for show and tell! I am giving a talk and demo
"Painting Glass" on 1/26 at the Lititz Library
for the Village Art Association. It is open to the
public. You may have it after the demo.

My Show Schedule continued...
There are things to consider when picking a show.
1) The towns economy and size, rural or city
Am I inside or outside. In a park or on a street
Is there easy parking for my van or do they make
the artist park far away.
2) The drive, how many hours of driving and gas
and wear and tear on my aging van
3) Number of days the show runs and how many
nights in a motel and meals I will need.
Linda is no longer thrilled with sleeping in the van
even if it is free!
4) Who is promoting the show? The town or a promoter
Did they spend money on advertising, is there security
for overnight booths. Does the public pay an admittance
or is it free. What are the shows hours... there is nothing
like a 10am to 10pm day in the hot sun! Oh...and are
there bathrooms available.
5) What are the costs of my space
6) Weather... I have 3 shows in February. If it snows, can
I get to the show and will clients come out. If not, I lost
a lot of money.
7) Quality... am I competing with imports or is it truly
all hand made. Even at crafty shows the "loving hands"
work should be made by the crafter.
Will my potential sales cover my fixed costs...
Ahhh, there is the big gamble
More tomorrow


Colleen Brown said...

Good info Andy for someone like me who has not yet done an outside show. I'm considering that path but haven't ventured yet. Thanks!

Joan - AZestyLife said...

Beautiful painting Andy!! What a talent.