Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cupola View

4"x6" Original Watercolor

I found this cupola in New Castle, DE.
I believe it is a fox on the weather vane.
What you need to consider is I do not have
copper paint... It is a mixture of burnt sienna
and cad. yellow dark. The sky is a bit bluer
in the painting than it shows on computer.

I had a morning and evening class today.
Linda spent another day on show applications.
It is Linda's job to read them and decide where
we are going. It is not an easy job. Every town
has some sort of art/craft show and there is a
lot to consider. In past years you could spend
the whole summer in Michigan. Not such a good
idea now.
I will share our process... actually it is all a guess
and a gamble!
My Show Schedule:
We start with a tablet with all the weekend dates
for 2010. Basically if I am not showing I do not
earn a paycheck, but that needs to be balanced with
how much energy you have to travel every weekend.
We have pretty much stamina! Linda also loves to
travel so no area is to far for her! I do both high end
art shows and some low end craft shows. We mix
them up. Linda starts by writing in the shows we know
we are doing and the ones we are pretty sure we will
get invited to. Then we fill in.
Finding shows... I said they are everywhere but you need
the info. We use Sunshine Artist magazine, the apps
we receive in the mail and she searches the internet.
It takes some time to gather all this info, dates and area
being the first consideration. She starts to pencil in some
choices. We usually try to pick one show farther out that
we have not been to the area so we can also sight see.
Linda has wanted to try a show in Rozwell, GA. I have no
idea why but I am guessing she will apply!
More tomorrow.


Kathy said...

It would be nice to see that you do a show in South Bend, IN (aug) or in Chesterton (first weekend in aug). I would definately be there for you. Hope Linda is choosing all of the good ones.

Macdougal said...

you should get a website or an online portfolio for your artworks...they are very nice!

thanks for sharing

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Kathy, I will pass the info to Linda. Do you have more info like the name of the shows???

Macdougal, I have a very good website already but thank you for the suggestion.
You can see it at: andysmithartist.com