Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Window Study #2 ~ Pottery in a window

6"x4" Miniature Original Watercolor
$225.00 SOLD

A few weeks ago I was in Great Barrington, MA.
I stopped for gas and this scene was across the
street. A large show window with big pottery
vessals. I liked the way the snow was piled up
against the building and a few dead plant stalks
poking up. I plan to paint this again tomorrow
in a large view.

I almost let this milestone pass without observing
it. Actually Linda is the one that pays attention
to this sort of thing. While she was gathering the
years paperwork and boxing things she mentioned
that I started my 4th year of blogging, that means
I blogged for three years!
Here are a few rambling thoughts...
~Thinking how fast three years have gone by.
~In the beginning I was obsessed with how many
people were even reading my blog, now I don't pay
any attention. But comments and questions still
mean a lot.
~Sales still thrill me, I love when the eBay auction
has some real bidding.
~ When the painting does not sell I still feel a bit of
rejection, questioning what is wrong with the piece.
Its funny how that happens even after all these years
of painting, a tiny bit of insecurity shows up.
~The only downside is selling at a much lower price
than I think they are worth, considering the amount
of time I spend on them
~I always say there are endless subjects to paint and
even now I do not struggle with ideas.
~ Looking back over my body of blog work amazes
even me, and this is just the mini paintings.
~I still actually like it, in a very odd way it has become
part of my day.


Kathy said...

Congratulations on your new year. Time does fly by fast. I started blogging 1-1/2 years ago and that is when I started watching you. It is fun painting everyday and look how much you have learned in the process. You have met a lot of great people and this is your gift for all you have shared with us. God Bless you on another great year!!

Autumn Leaves said...

I was amazed at the details in this piece...the seams around the window in the woodwork, the dead plant stalks that look so real, even the muted tones of the pottery in the window. So cool to know you've been blogging for so long. It is so much fun to read too. I do not sell any art (who'd want the stuff? LOL), but I can so resonate with your thoughts on selling them for less than you think they are worth. A lot of heart, blood, sweat, and tears go into a piece. Hard to put a price on that. Each of your pieces are beautiful; have no doubts about that.