Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Window Study #3

4"x6" Miniature Original Watercolor
$250.00 ~ Contact the studio

An expanded view of yesterdays window.
Adding the landscape changes the whole
perspective and feeling. I love the missing
letters in the window. Notice the reflection
of a passing truck? I have been working on
my winter trees and that "it could snow any
minute" sky.

My topic tonight is finding a spot to paint.
Every artist is different. I personally can
paint anywhere anytime. I usually paint at
art shows so people can watch. For that you
need to be secure in your craft. At home I am
lucky to have a studio but frankly I get bored
and lonely in there! Even with a radio and TV.
I often find myself moving into the rooms that
Linda is in. Even tho she is not usually bored or
lonely! When she is in the house I can be found
at the kitchen table. That's where I was all day
today. As you can see... I am spread out all over
the table. Linda had been working on the laptop
but the bike magazine is mine, for when I take a
break. No excuses like needing north light. I paint
where the painting might be hung. Granted
watercolors are more portable but never let the
lack of perfect conditions keep you from painting.
I enjoy the noise of family life around me,
reminding me why I am painting.
Photo of the artist hard at work!


Autumn Leaves said...

Andy, I am really enjoying reading your thoughts, probably as much as I am enjoying your artwork. I like the pulled back view too. You've achieved the perfect imminent snow sky. I love the reflection of the passing truck too. I think my favorite part of this one is the bathroom window (for I am assuming it is a bathroom window) light and its reflection outside...Such a real thing. For some reason, you and your wife Linda seem like really interesting people! Like her, I don't get bored or lonely either! LOL

Jan Portwood said...

Beautiful, Andy! You really captured it well. I like the added landscape and the larger view of the store. Lots of character!

Joan Kistler said...

Andy, YOU ROCK as a person. You are so open to share your thoughts with all of us. Your lifestyle and depth of love are inspiring.

And your painting today is phenomenal. Thank you for such pleasures.