Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday check in

Wow, has there been fun at my house...
It must be a test of some sort... sanity,
perseverance, love, and I will leave out
patience because Linda hates that word!
About three weeks ago Linda started with
what we thought was a pulled muscle in her side.
I diagnosed it as to much gardening! Meanwhile
our computer was doing odd things, we had our
computer guru in to fix it, which then worked well
for two hours after he left. Thursday, Linda got worse
and it required a doctor visit, if you know her you already
know how bad it had to be. Doctor turned into
a sonogram (looking for gall and kidney stones)
All negative so we were back to muscle.
Friday I needed to leave for a show in VA and she
was in no shape to go along. I left her in good hands
but things got uglier, Saturday required a trip to the
emergency room, so you know how ugly it had to be.
She never has had anything done to her, even had Abbey
at home! So this is major and I am in VA and Linda is not a
willing patient, her caretaker had her hands full.
Now she had a catscan, they were again sure it is stones.
She received a clean bill of health except for the
breathtaking pain in her side, a large bill and
a prescription for oxycodine. I am unable to offer much
support other than try to have a good show. Still no
computer, so no blog. Monday is another trip to the
doctor. We are guessing now. The new guess is shingles.
All the pain without the rash. New meds. I finally get home
and now I feel really helpless. It is one thing to offer support
over the phone and another to watch her.
So they are giving her a few days on the new meds to see
what happens and if it does not improve they have another
test for a faulty gallbladder... Today, Tuesday I woke up
to a room full of water from a leaking pipe in the studio.
I had to haul out all my prints and deal with damage and
the plumber. The airconditioning on our car stopped and
still no computer! I did sketch a blog painting while quietly
sitting with my patient. And on the bright side my show was
good and since Linda will not be able to go again this weekend
Abbey said if I pick her up she would go along to my show
just like old times, I get her to myself for the day. Although
I think Linda would have liked if she were coming to sit with
her instead. As a self employed person our insurance has a
super high deductible so on top of everything Linda worries
about the bills about to roll in. You cannot put a price on
good health care...or can you.


Jane said...

Just discovered your blog & think I'm really going to enjoy it...haven't had time to really peruse it yet. Hope your wife is okay and that everything returns to normal soon.

Susana said...

I hope Linda get well soon.
Regards from your customer in Spain.