Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sarlat-la-Canéda, France #10 ~ window

6"x4" Original Watercolor
$100. SOLD!
Available to the 1st person to call or
email the studio until 9/12 at midnight EST
Europe's rooftops are amazing to see,
all the extra attention to detail.

The dark cloud is still hanging over my house!
I think our hot water heater just died!!
On the plus side, my computer is now working,
my cold is better, my leaking pipe in the studio
is fixed, damage to prints was not too bad and
Linda is a pinch better. Abbey came home over
the weekend and helped me at the show and Joan
came to babysit Linda while I was gone. So that
worked well. I had my first fall class today and
Tuesday morning advance class is like old friends
visiting, so nice to have them back. I am now going
to work on a framing project for our local school.

Back to the demo....
Step 8 It is time to add the drapes.
Mix Pthalo Green and Raw Sienna together.
Paint the heaviest concentration of paint over the
yellow, saving the light area. This develops the
folds. Dry very well. Now using the same color
mixture but with more water to thin out the color
go into the light area of the folds. Use this same
color to create the fabric design and the tassels.
I build this color slowly. Go lightly, dry well and
going over it again until I am happy with it.

Step 9 I am ready to add the floor and window.
Window: a very thin wash of Pthalo Blue and Paynes
Grey as an outline on the dark side of the panes and
the frame. I use the same brush I have been using but
with less pressure. If you are not as skilled you will need
a thinner brush for a clean thin line.

Floor: My intention is to place a pattern on the
floor that will shine through after I cover over it
to create the shadows. Mix Cad. Red and Burnt
Umber. I filled in my composition using different
values of this mixture. I got more hung up on this
than I actually needed to considering I covered
over most of it later. But I know it is under there!
Notice how it is starting to come together. Nice and
soft. I also made the legs a bit darker. As I dry it
I look at it and just add more thin washes to build the

FYI: Chadds Ford Days is this weekend,
hope you come out, details to follow.

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