Monday, August 24, 2009


I spent my day concentrating on my larger painting
so there is no small blog today. If you go to 8/21
you can see the beginning steps to this painting. I am
ready to paint. You can click to enlarge the photos
for a close up view.

Step 4 I want to build my colors so I start with thin
(more water than paint) washes of Yellow Ochre.
I have good brush control so I painted around the
areas that will be lighter. You can use misket if you
need to. I know the light will come through the
window, lays across the chair so that will be saved.
Also folds in the drape.
Step 5 build the Yellow Ochre a bit deeper along
the folds in the drape and the arm. Here is a close up view.

Step 6 I went to the legs. Using a mixture of
Burnt Sienna and Cadmium Red. You need
to understand where your shadows are which
requires studying your subject before you start.

Step 7 I started working on the fabric on the
bench. Back to the Yellow Ochre wash, drying
it well. Then to make the pattern I added a bit
of Paynes Grey, outlining and adding texture.
Did the same on the drape under the bench.

My best advice is use a hair dryer to throughly
dry each wash as you go along. If it is not dry
your colors will turn muddy. Do not rush, this is
a full days job.

We are visiting friends in NJ on Tuesday so there
will be no blog tomorrow.

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nice step..