Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farm Scene

6"x 4" original watercolor
This scene can be found often in my area;
Farmers working in the fields. I have great
respect for their work ethic. This is not
an easy job. I enjoy the patterns of the fields
and the feeling of action or motion.

It was to foggy and wet to ride bike this
morning. I wish I could say I went into
the studio and started painting but I
actually went back to bed and picked up
a few extra hours of sleep. I had a few
house maintenance chores to do. Then I sat at
my desk and started the blog painting. Now at
almost 11pm I am wishing I had stayed at my
desk but I stopped and went in to see my Mom.
Home in time for dinner and then we ran to the
mall to look for pants to go with my suit jacket.
Back home to spend another two hours on the
painting. I was feeling a little rushed to get it
finished, I don't think it looks rushed but I could
easily spent a few more hours on it. I was
inspired by Winslow Homer's genre' scenes.
Although I doubt he was trying to paint one a

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