Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lancaster County Barn

6"x 4" original watercolor
I love the red on the barns around
Lancaster County. I went with a
familiar scene for my first blog after
two weeks off...

I am back!! I had so many emails wondering
if anything was wrong. It always surprises
me that there are people paying attention.
No worries, I just had to much to do.
Thursday, May 13 was track leagues. Girls
took 1st place and boys 4th out of 21 teams.
I am
so proud of them. So, track is now over;
giving me back several hours a day which Linda
plans to fill! The next morning, Thursday the 14th
we left at 4AM for a 4-day show. It rained 2 of
the 4 days. I returned home Monday, May 18
with all wet show supplies that needed to be
set up and dried. I had a house commission
that I needed to finish so I concentrated on that
instead of using the time to paint a blog. It is
finished and looks great. I look up and it is
Friday, May 22 and I need to set up again for
a 3 day show in Harrisburg, PA. So today I

was determined to get back to the blog. I plan
to get one on everyday this week.

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