Wednesday, November 5, 2008

15 Days till Open House!

I took 6000 mailers to the post office this
morning so watch your mail! Any feed back
is appreciated. The rest of my day was spent

Behind the scenes of Open House...
Here is Linda and her helper Stacy framing.

They framed from 8AM to 8PM with a short
lunch break and a 1 hour break to rest.
The mats were cut last week and Linda already
had the prints taped into the mat, a barrier sheet
is taped to the back of the print and then a backing
sheet is added to protect the print. All this was
done last week and piled high waiting for the frames
to come.

So today was the start of framing. Stacy has
helped Linda for 14 years and cuts excellent
mats with no cross-cuts in the corners. Stacy
starts by cleaning the glass in the frame. Then
the print is set in. We use a "framers point gun"
which you can see in the photo above setting on
the frame. This shoots points to hold the print
into the frame. Then it is Linda's turn, she runs
double stick tape, using a (blue) tape gun which
you can see setting on the table, all along the back
of the frame and places brown paper, called a dust
cover. This gets trimmed with a little red gadget.
Next comes screws and hangers and then they
both wire. Each frame is handled the same way.

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