Tuesday, November 4, 2008

16 Days till Open House!

First thing this morning, at 8am it was my great
pleasure to take my Mom to vote. She was pretty
pleased to have her photo taken.

Andy and
Mom Smith.

Mom is 86
years old.

Right after we all voted I drove to NJ to pick
up my frames. It was a 6 hour round trip.

Here I am
unloading the

this is
stack #1
There is
another pile
behind me!

Frames are every where!
There are 500 of them.

Stack #2
Taller than
I am...

Glad it is
not my job
to assemble

Behind the scenes of Open House...
Linda tells me we are On Schedule.
The invitations were labeled and stamped
over the weekend and are hitting the post office
tomorrow, so be on the look out for yours!
If you do not get one and want one, send an email
request. Linda has everything ready to start
framing tomorrow. Me...I am painting!

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