Sunday, November 9, 2008

11 Days till Open House!

After diligently painting all week I decided to
take a bike ride this afternoon. After about
11 miles my derailer over-shifted and my chain
went into my wheel. Relax, I was not hurt but
my bike needed a ride back home. I took this as
a sign to get back to my painting!! Linda is taking
a rest day and is reading. She put in 4 very long
days/nights and has almost all the framing of the
prints finished. Orders for the new prints are starting
to flow in. You can order them from my website...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy & Linda - I received the post card. I LIKE it - very effective - I suggest this is the "way to go" for your open house in the years to come. Hope to see you both at the Open House on Sunday - Nancy Crowder