Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Washington, DC #4

4" x 6" original watercolor

This is a view of Georgetown in December.
It is in keeping with my cityscape study series.
Good perspective, it should give you the
impression of walking down the street on
a crisp sunny day.

I am truly getting a kick out of this series of
paintings. My usual style is to paint obscure small
windows of life. But right now I am concentrating
on a larger scale. A larger scene. But if you know
my work you can still see me in this. Parts of several
buildings, with an impression of much more going on.
I hope "me" is still coming through.

I want to get back to my explanation of show applications.
It is part of my educational series I started on 12/31.
So, we have an application in hand, Linda decides to go to the
show, but its not that simple. The show now needs to decide
if they want me. You would think they would be thrilled to
have me! But that's not always the case, and Linda takes a
rejection harder than I do. She gets a teeny bit insulted, kind of
fun to witness...from a distance! The app needs filled out.
Many ask for a list of past shows, any awards. They
want an artist statement, 3-6 slides of your current work and
one of your booth. SASE to return your slides. And of course
they want money. They require 2 checks. First a jury fee,
most shows now charge $15-$45 to cover the cost of looking
at my slides and deciding if I am worthy of their show.
This is nonrefundable and a good way for shows to earn lots
of revenue. Do a little math, $40 times 1000 hungry artist applying...
The second check covers the booth fee. This is usually for a
10'x10' space. There is also the decision of taking one or two
spaces. It is nice to spread out but I must cover the costs and
the cost ranges from $60 to $1500 depending on the caliber of the
show. This buys you nothing but a tiny plot of land, and the land
may be hilly or behind a huge tree! Anyway, all of these items are
stuffed in an envelope that now costs me $1.20 to mail compared to
69cents last year. Now I wait, and wait, until the judges meet and
view hundreds of slides. Meanwhile I need the money to cover
all the outstanding fees on the gamble I am accepted and the booth
fee is cashed. Linda is filling out apps now for shows through to
Sometimes you double book a weekend gambling which
show accepts you. Education to be continued...
Meanwhile, enjoy my cityscape's!

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