Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Washington, DC #3

6" x 4" original watercolor

It was an overcast day when I was walking the
downtown Washington streets. The tip of the
Monument is in the background, I am not sure
which building this is since we were just strolling
the streets. But what makes it a true city-scape
is the top of the bus in the foreground. The point
of my blog painting is to be able to experiment
with subjects that I know I would probably not
paint in a major size. But I get the thrill from testing
in a small format.

This is monumental...my first blog painting in my second year
of blogging. In the first few months of last year, I was absorbed

in the fears of not being able to keep up with the pressures of
painting a blog daily. Now it is just second nature, I fit it in around
my other painting and my family life. I changed the early format of
writing a Friday update to a daily journal style which I like. I am always
open to your suggestions, my goal is to give you an insight into my day,
to educate you on the way I paint, materials, and what it takes to keep
going. The bonus I have received from this blog experiment is the
boost to my skill level. I thought I was at the top of my personal game.
I did not think I could get better, but I was surprised. I sometimes feel
like the paint just flows while I just hold the brush. Another bonus is
sale of the blog paintings. My goal is to try to cut back one of the shows
I attend a month. To have the blog sales increase to cover what I would
earn at a show. So I want to take the time to say THANK YOU to
everyone who has supported this effort through encouraging words and

The holiday season is hectic for us. Other than the obvious holiday,
Christmas day is Linda's and my anniversary. Linda never likes to do
things in a conventional way. We were married at home, in our
apartment living room with a record playing (yes, I said a record!)
by a pastor who is a family friend, surrounded with family and a
few friends. We celebrated 29 years! Then the next day,
the 26th, is Abbeys birthday. Oh...I know what your thinking...but
she was born 5 years later! Abbey turned 24 this year. Next comes
New Years Eve which we spent with friends we've know forever and
had a very nice evening. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
And then today is the really big day...my birthday. For the math
challenged, I turned 55 today. I spent the day eating this special carrot
cake that Linda made me, I painted most of the day and I got in a bike
ride. A good day.

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