Sunday, December 30, 2007

Washington, DC #2

6" x 4" original watercolor

This was a major undertaking for such a minor
size! Not sure if the subject actually interests
anyone but I felt compelled to paint it since I
spent several days walking around it. There is
so much architectural detail, but in this size, much
is implied. I felt I could not paint a DC series
without it. If you know anyone with a DC connection
feel free to pass the blog on to them.

I painted all day except for a quick trip to the grocery store
for New Years Eve supplies. Linda is reading show
applications. That takes days and there is the pressure of
picking well or we go broke. When you see me at a show
I am kicked back lounging in my chair waiting for sales! But
there is a long process before that. Applications for 2008 have
been flooding my mail box since October. We throw them in
a box until Linda can't postpone it any longer. There is some
prep needed before starting. She has a routine not to be
messed with. There is the yellow tablet with all the weekends
in 2008 with room to place the possibilities.
Tablets with each
past years schedules. The "folder" with sheets Linda fills out after
every show since the 80's! She is a bit of a "facts" nerd. Who
guessed that one! I need quality slides of my new work.
I need new work! We then need a conversation about how far
we are willing to drive. $3.09 a gallon puts a greater impact on
how much I need to sell to cover expenses. Balance that with
the fact that Linda loves traveling and is willing to go far just for
the opportunity to sight see! Now she is ready to spread out all
over a large table, places the apps in order by date. Goes on line
to do some more research and to print out the shows that no longer
mail an app and adds them to the pile. Next, she picks the first
months apps and reads each one. Looks on the map to locate the
town. Sure, I am consulted, I get many hours is it to
Flint Michigan? Or... do you think we could afford to spend the
month of February doing the Florida show circuit if we camped??
You would expect she is the level headed rational one in our
family but not when it comes to the show apps! To be continued....
Jason is having a sleepover tonight, Linda (not me!) promised he could
have one before he goes back to school. It will be a long night....

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