Thursday, January 3, 2008

Washington, DC #5

This was a study in white against white and in
perspective. Starting with the white fence in the
foreground, I want you to be looking over the
fence. Peeking into someones yard... pretty much
what I did! This is another view of Georgetown
but it could be from any town.

I am tired today. I had to force myself to paint. It took
forever to get this painting finished. I liked my subject
choice its just that I am dragging. I even took a break to
do three hours of volunteer work. But I need to get outside
and get some exercise. But its cold outside and I don't handle
cold well, it was to cold to go out on my bike. I hear the
weekend is to be nice. My fingers are crossed! Not much
else happening here. I think I am heading to the sofa and

watch a little TV.

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