Thursday, December 16, 2021


 I lost a week of  work so now I am concentrating on my commission.  It is a bit complicated and requiring me to really pay attention to details.  It is a Christmas gift so I cannot share it and I need to keep steadily at it so it is finished in time.
Meanwhile the nice things keep arriving...
Thank you Rose Ellen for the  Harry and David fruit...  this will not last long!

Thank you Lynne for my favorite shortbread and Linda will NOT share the super thin cut outs!  Evidently I gobble them and they are meant to be nibbled!

Linda and I were just talking.  Linda said she learned a valuable lesson.  Do not ask if someone needs something,  we told everyone we had everything we needed, and we did.  We really needed nothing, our kitchen is always well stocked.   BUT it was nice to have a few surprised dropped off, a meal we did not have to think about.   So from now on when we can do something nice, we just do it and don't ask!   But a HUGE THANK YOU to all!!

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