Wednesday, December 22, 2021

2021 Holiday #9

SOLD!  4x6” mini original watercolor

This one sold while I was painting it!  Thank you Joan for the great photo from the Chester Springs area.  I changed it to evening with a full moon just to add my spin to it!

It has been very hectic here as I am sure most households are this time of year.  I finished my commission and it looks great.  I will show them all after Christmas.  My focus was painting commissions while Linda was juggling several things.  We have a large remodel job started which in a 160 year old house means NOTHING is plumb, and NOTHING is easy! It takes a special carpenter to work here!  We picked up some new flooring yesterday.  Our living room looks like a storage unit!  We decided not to bother putting up a tree, there is simply no room.  The project is going slower than we would like because at every turn there is something needing done that you cannot even see, like all new plumbing lines...  a kind of  "while I am in the crawl space you may want to consider..."   why YES, lets go ahead and do that!  Linda started working on our empty cottage, one room is painted, and then Covid stopped us in our tracks for two weeks.  We had a few handyman repairs done on Monday and we decided not to even think about it until January 2nd!  Although every time we look out the kitchen window the cottage is there yelling  "hey, I'm back here waiting!"  Linda is type A so this is a louder scream than what I am hearing!   Added to the list since Grandpa's passing is all the closing of accounts, but Lancaster is very behind on death certificates so that is all on hold. This does not stop Linda's mind from thinking and the list keeps growing. But we now have another apartment to empty and repair and paint.  She is to only be doing a large trash bag of things a day.  BUT, I already had two runs to Goodwill, one large run to Art of Recycle AND a large amount of trash bags were set out for pickup.  Our conversation is about how quickly a life is dismantled.  All the things we collect and spend money on is quickly disbursed and trashed.  But the ironic thing is we just bought 16 small antique oil cans as our Christmas gift! 

Something for our daughter to disburse when we are gone!   Anyway, all that to say Linda is not following her own one bag daily limit.   We are heading out for a rest and new fantastic Bay water views in Virginia.  Linda is excited to work on a puzzle in front of a fire sipping a cocktail that our friend Kathy lovingly put together for her to take along.   It looks like our postponed Christmas with Abbey and Ben may be postponed again with raging Covid in NYC.  We will deal with that next week.

So with all that, please be careful while out and about and gathering.
I want to thank everyone for their love and support this year.  I wish you all a wonderful Holiday season and the very best in health and happiness in 2022.

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