Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thursday catch up...

We took a mental health day on Wednesday! Linda planned some tandem riding time. We drove to Elizabethtown PA for the Conewago Recreation Trail. (crushed stone they filled in with bigger stone making is very bumpy! Linda was not happy with this section and it will be the only time we ride this one!!) 5.5 miles and it meets the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail (one of our favorites) which goes through Mount Gretna. We rode 10.5 miles to the Barrel snack stand and exited to the Blue Bird Inn for lunch. Then turned around and rode 16 miles back; 32 miles round trip.

I have been concentrating on my commission which I cannot show because it is a gift.  While not getting much painting a day paintings done I am still  painting every day all day, except for Wednesday!

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