Monday, April 26, 2021

2021 Landscape #11


6x4” original watercolor $275

More from Lancaster County!  I am really working on the scale, bit of foreground to ground you, the focal point is the farm but the silos and trees lift your eyes up to all that blue sky, maybe some thunderheads rolling through.

Question of the Day: What role does an artist play in society? Is there an obligation to Political or Social issues?   What an interesting question to ponder, probably not one asked to the average white artist.   I feel a bit like I must tip toe around a politically correct statement.   I started shows in 1979 when Linda and I were first married, mixed marriages had only been legal for a mere 12 years (Interracial marriages became legal nationwide on June 12, 1967)   There were not too many of us as artists out there!  And even fewer painting realism!  Because of my color,  I always felt it was my responsibility to be a role model, to be dressed neatly, to present myself well,  to have good manners, to speak well and be versed in a broad variety of topics whenever I am in the public eye.   I was raised well so this was not unusual for me.  My parents were strict, I had rules: like  my "fro"  had better be clean and picked out or it was cut!  They let me know the price of my freedom had been paid but I better make them proud. While the "fro" is long gone I still think it matters how I carry myself and how I interact.

I have opinions on politics and social issues but I do not want them in my paintings, I keep it out of my blog and Facebook.  It is simply not who I am as an artist, I do not feel the need to make a big statement through my art.  Maybe my work is trite,  however  I do feel I am documenting life, maybe a way of life we are losing; like in my farm scenes and in the antiques.  I think I have a peaceful soul and that comes through my paintings.  That said, I do believe there is a role for artists and musicians to bring attention to issues if they feel called.  It worked well during the 60's and 70's.  It is the point of the current movie One Night in Miami which is worth a watch.  I do not think every artist or musician is
obligated.  It does play a huge role in bringing attention to our world.  But for me, it is not my calling.

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