Sunday, May 17, 2020


As you know almost my whole year of shows have been cancelled, I have been actively promoting my work on this blog and on other social media.  If you could take a moment and forward my blog or website to all your friends and family and tell them how much you love my work (and me!!)  I would greatly appreciate it... thank you.

Commission Update:Over the weekend I concentrated on my commission...  I am having a great time working on this.  Loving the new paper.    I added the underpainting to the building

Notice how the underpainting bleeds through the red.  You cannot get that shading using paint right out of the tubes.  Watercolor stains.   I did the same thing to the roof.

I got a bit lost in time and forgot to photo as I was going along.  I added the lines in the red.  Blue on the little building and added the house on the left.  The fun part is coming up so keep watching.

Now for a story for your amusement...
I was painting in our kitchen (while Linda was at the table working on a puzzle)  I had just cleaned my pallet and squeezed in some paint. 
FYI: paint comes in tubes and you buy an empty pallet and
squeeze your choice of colors into the little wells creating your own personal pallet.  They dry into cakes and you reconstitute them with a bit of water when you are painting. 
The setting:   My pallet was still wet, my painting laying aside it and my large cup of water was sitting on the painting.  I stopped painting to help Linda plant a few flowers.  

We came in and cleaned up and I noticed blue paint on the carpet, and suddenly it was everywhere.   I thought I did something...  got a bucket and started cleaning and let me say it was quite the mess, the more water I used the bluer things got.  I just could not figure out what I did.  It was on my stool where I sit, I sat in it, and it was all over the floor and the carpets,  It was on the handle of a brush and so then all over my hands.  Blue stains...  a lot.  Then I noticed our cat Max had a blue paw...  He has a habit of drinking out of my paint cups.  I have a habit of not picking up my painting.  Max must have jumped up, had a drink and then walked across my pallet and stuck his paw in my blue,  jumped down and tracked it everywhere.  Thank goodness he did not walk across my painting, I would have had to start all over.

So here is Max, cleaned up as best as we could, with his white paw still stained blue... I am telling you there was blue everywhere!!

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therevvv said...

Max: "I just wanted to help."

I have to be careful where I lay down. Annie's so nosy. She always wants to sniff it with a very wet nose and muzzle.