Thursday, April 9, 2020

Who is paying attention...

Linda is busy cleaning out a closet and found some older paintings in a box. This one is from 1985!   My drawing skills were always good, but I was working on my style, this painting has more of a watercolor feeling to it.  I remember setting up a still life with antiques we owned  on our kitchen table and I worked from life.  I think I may have done a few of these in an old photo Kodak print.

Image 10x13"   Unframed   1985 Original Watercolor

WINNER:  RoseEllen at 4:21AM
As a very special offer to only one client who reads my blog and contacts me FIRST... this original watercolor painting is FREE!   Unframed and you pay the shipping, otherwise it is free!   This is a THANK YOU to my clients reading my blog and for your continued support of my work.

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