Friday, April 17, 2020

Update on Covered Bridge

NEWS: My Penn State show in July just cancelled. To be honest, I will be surprised if any shows will be held this year. But I am blessed with loyal supportive clients who keep me going; a HUGE thank you to you all.

I have been painting round the clock on my covered bridge. Driving Linda crazy with my mood swings:  I go from "it is fantastic" to "I ruined it" every hour which is unusual for me but for some reason I am out of my comfort zone.  We had a discussion on whether or not an artist can peak and rest on his abilities, paint what is easy or MUST he stretch himself and push himself and continue to struggle when he is near the end of a career.  Does he deserve, or earned the right to just sail though?  SO, if you know Linda at all, you can hear the other side of this discussion... I think I may have tuned out somewhere around the striving for excellence and knowledge and growth till the day one dies, and no one deserves anything...  just kidding, I heard everything she said and then I went back to my painting!

 I think this may be the hardest painting I have ever attempted.  Between the structure of the bridge and the light it is simply hard.  You cannot see it yet but it is a night scene with a light shining into the bridge from the back. So it must get darker and darker without ending up with a blob.

So... building the washes on the inside posts.


and darker. 

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Jane W. said...

I love how it is coming. I can"t wait to see the final version. Glad you explained about the light. It is coming alive. Cool choice of nocturne. I agree with the discussion about improving and peaking, etc. We just try our best and others decide if we were great, good, or so so or bad. Either way it is a challenge and we have fun trying.