Monday, April 20, 2020

Covered Bridge and more...

In keeping with the night theme I am featuring two night paintings that you would have seen at my Miniature Show but still have a chance to own!

Landscape #9     framed 8x10      $225.

Landscape #2   framed 9x9    $200.

The price includes acid free framing, a coupon for 2 free shrink wrapped mini prints ($25 value) and FREE SHIPPING!
Paintings are available to the first person to email or call 717.627.3383
All are framed in black wood frames however you may have them in walnut frames.
Scroll down in case you missed some previously posted minis and if you purchase more than one I will offer $20 off each one! Build your mini collection.
The nicest thing happened: I sold a mini painting and the client did a porch pick up/throw the check in the mail slot...but he rang the doorbell and handed me (Yes he had a mask on!)  a bag with lunch and iced coffees from Tomato Pie.   I cannot tell you how thrilled we were.  I guess because it was so totally unexpected, a simple kind gesture from the heart.  We were blessed and it also helped keep Tomato Pie in business, a double blessing.  Linda was inspired by the kindness and "passed it on" We made (I helped!) a huge pot of chili and handed it out to our neighbors.  So... give some thought on what nice thing you could do to spread the kindness...
Now to my bridge. you might want to scroll down and see where I left off...  Also, I am considered a fast painter, however you are looking at days (and nights) of work, this is not a fast painting.

I added the trees to the right above the houses  and worked on the trees on the left. I am doing the under washes for the street and darkened the sky.  But notice how the under wash color still bleeds through the blue in the sky.  I often lay in the color and go over it with darker colors as if I am covering the original colors but they always bleed through adding to the texture.

More layers in the street, the darker it gets around the bridge the brighter the light inside the bridge.

and darker... it almost looks like I lost the street...but that's next.    There are multiple light sources in this painting.  Lights on at the house on the right.  Light from the full moon and there was a bike (from my buddy the biker and photographer) sitting with its headlight shining into the bridge.  After much discussion with Linda... the bike was left out (more salable without a bike????  really??)  I guess we will see!   It is not finished yet...

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