Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017 France #6

4"x 6"  Original Watercolor - A Painting A Day
France #6   $250.
Went off the normal grid today and tried my hand at a gargoyle...

Day #6
We have a long day planned today.  We meet our guide Cecile (who we had a few days ago) in the city of Tours.  We started in the Cathedral which is in a flamboyant Gothic style and had beautiful stained glass windows.  We were able to tour a special part that brought us right next to gargoyles!  We have never seen them up close, usually its ground level looking up.  I am talking reach out and touch them close!   
Linda was thrilled about this.

We then had a walking tour of Tours and stopped to see a lute maker, Didier Jarny.  A treat our guide set up for us.  He is one of 7 in Europe and trained 3 of them.  He happily showed us his workshop.  Almost made me want to order a lute!

Next we did a little shopping.  I lost my cap along the way so the girls talked me into buying a new one at a hat shop.

We then stopped for a bottle of wine, went to market and picked up foods for a picnic and met Clement our boat guide.  He built this boat, spoke little English and was SO French! We had a wonderful ride on the Loire River with a special picnic.  Kathy is in the corner trying to figure out how we are getting on board!

Our day is not done...we are now off to Amboise.  Took a guided tour of the Chateau and then did a special subterranean tour.  We paid our respects to the final resting place of Leonardo and by now we are very tired.  

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