Thursday, November 10, 2016

I packed the van today for this weekends show.
Artisan Fair
Held at Olympic Hall at Spooky Nook Sports Complex
2913 Spooky Nook Rd, Lancaster, PA
Sat. 10am-5pm and Sun. 10am-4pm
$5. admission

This is the old show held at F&M College (back in the shows
heyday), moved to Manheim Township school, moved to the
Lancaster Convention Center and now at Spooky Nook.
Good quality and worth your time.

The last of the framing was done today!
Cleaning... I mention the cleaning every year.  Somehow Linda
uses this as an excuse for major housecleaning.  I mean get a
ladder out, change the water ten times type of cleaning.
So today most of the cleaning was accomplished, Linda gets
weird about cleaning out the overhead lights... I think you
will be so wrapped up in looking at my paintings you won't
notice old dead bugs in the overheads!  That approach did not
work, so they were cleaned.  Window were washed.  Really...
you are looking out my windows??  May I remind you your
eyes should be on my paintings!  I was ignored and it all got
done.  Tomorrow I get a haircut, the house is not the only thing
getting cleaned up!   Oh... anyone in Lititz have access to any
bittersweet?  Its on Linda's list.

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