Monday, April 4, 2016

Checking in

My painting today is only 1/2 finished!  I started on time.
Then our friend Joan came for a visit and I drove the
girls for ice cream and Joan wanted to look at our new
55+ community.  By the time I got home it was time to
leave for track practice.  Till I got home, dried off, and
warmed up I do not have enough time to finish.  I
promise it will be done tomorrow and look great.  So
 instead of a painting today I will share  a fellow artists
article.  The Art of being an Art Collector.
Go read it and come back...

Well written and made me stop and think about my
own path as a painter and how connected I am to my
clients. I paint what I love, things I have seen, places I
have visited.  I think when you get to know me, visit the
studio/house and see how I live you have a greater
understanding of who I am and how I connect with my
world.   That comes out in my paintings.   I am not
doing the salesman thing and my path has not been all
about selling and money.  The sales happen naturally
when I and my paintings connect with people.  I want
my clients to fall in love with my subjects, to find a
calm peacefulness in them and to share my view and
to feel connected to the subject. I  prefer to build a
relationship with my clients, they have invested in my
paintings but also in me as an artist and person.  I don't
care if its a $35 mini print or a $6000 original, I am
counting on a connection, I want it to mean something
to that buyer.  They become my collectors and I know
they will be back for more!

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Joan - AZestyLife said...

I DO I DO I DO connect with your subjects and of course your painting style. Your paintings grab me and don't let go. Every day I enjoy my collection of your work, in every room in the house. And I move them around from time to time just to keep me guessing. HA!

You are a wonderfully talented artist - gifted at birth (as we discussed). I'm so blessed to have had you in my life for so long Andy.

With love and great respect,
Joan Kistler