Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Only One Day till Open House...

I would like to say we are winding down but it is still
pretty hectic!  This week I had a very nice interview by
Laura Knowles for the Lancaster Newspaper.
You can see it online HERE.  Tuesday night I gave a
talk to the Lititz Womens Club.  Linda's big cleaning day
was yesterday, she takes that very seriously!  Today was
cooking prep day.  More supplies were delivered and I
am wrestling with a string of tiny lights that all of a sudden
went out or are blinking... I think I may have to just disconnect
them!  Our painter painted four more outside windows and
the roofer has been faithfully working.

There are 6 rooms full of paintings and prints
New Originals


 Lots of Mini Prints... think Christmas Gifts

 The NEW Prints

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