Wednesday, November 11, 2015

9 Days Till Open House

9 Days Till Open House

Linda wanted to make her own fancy popcorn and
I talked her into buying it to save time and her energy!
We had fun running to New Holland to "Emma's" for
this gourmet popcorn Linda picked for open house.

Picked up three 3lb bags, Oreo Peanut Butter,
Vanilla Cream, and Gingerbread.   I was informed
they are not for snacking by the hand full, just a
little taste!!  More mat cutting and framing was
done today, seems to me that is never ending. I
think every time someone says they are coming
Linda panics and adds more to be framed!

Here is a little mini 10x8 I finished.

Meanwhile today our new roofer finished covering
the fascia and soffit on one side of the house.  He is
hand forming it around our old house.  Looks good.
After years of Linda lovingly painting and loving
her old wood she finally gave in to having it covered.

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