Thursday, August 6, 2015

August, Artist Appreciation Month...

I'm celebrating Artist Appreciation Month with Patience
Brewster by sharing some of the artists who've inspired me!
I spent some time today thinking about artists that inspired m.
Because I am
self-taught I spent a lot of time studying artists.  I think my
early work; more so than my current paintings show my
love for Andrew Wyeth.  I was very young when I
discovered his works.  I grew up in Wyeth country and my
parents exposed me to his work.
His father, N C Wyeth, I think the best Wyeth for his dramatic
compositions and use of light.
Then as I explored more, Winslow Homer because of his use
of watercolor and his draftsmanship.  Henry O Tanner... the
first black realist I really got into.  I love his use of
composition and soft light to convey a mood.  A few years ago
I came across a book by Michael P Rocco and it really resonated
with me, a master watercolor teacher.  I still study his paintings.
There is a theme here in my choice of inspiring artists, their
ability to draw, their way of looking at a subject, and their use
of light, all what I am naturally drawn to.

During my early painting years I think the comradery of other
artists and craftsman I was doing shows with helped keep me
going.  Being able to talk about what was happening at shows
and where they were exhibiting, understanding we all go
through highs and lows and how to deal with them.  This group
of special people are my friends.  They are my contemporaries
and I do not feel in competition with them, we all are simply
trying to create and earn a living.

Recently I was blessed to be able to take a trip to Italy to see
someof the greatest old masters.   The genius of
Filippo Brunellschi,   Giotto, a master Fresco artist,
Michelangelo... seeing the  Sistine Chapel was a life long
dream and almost made me weep.  Inspiration every where I
looked.  I could hardly wait to get home and paint!
I am also inspired by my clients when they fall in love with one
of my paintings and give it a special home.  Without them
I could not continue painting.

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