Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Upstate New York

24"x 18" Original watercolor
"Upstate New York"  $1600.    SOLD!!

I had this on my work board for way to long
and I was determined to get it finished so I
can move on.  I finished most of it at the show
on Sunday and a bit yesterday and final touches
today. It is all about the sky, the day was actually
overcast but I wanted it to be dramatic.  I found
this old church while driving around the
New Paltz, NY area.  I am very happy with the
way this painting turned out.
Open to title suggestions...

Wet track meet today with Reynolds (Lancaster).
My kids first experience on a cinder track...
made no difference, boys and girls won!
Thursday is the League meet and then its all


MJBirch said...

You oughta be pleased at how it turned out.

Title: Contrails

Jennifer A Lynch said...

I absolutely love this! Great work!