Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painters High

I am trying to expand your knowledge on artistic
subjects and give my point of view.
Another article to chat about... "Painters High".
Feel free to read the article first and then come back
to me.

I had to think about this.  I can truly say I get a high,
a feeling of euphoria while riding my bike. Now that
does not hit me until after some point of pain and I
push through it and then feel like I could ride hard and
fast forever.   With that in mind I thought about
how this relates to my creative side.  From a career
perspective when I was a young painter there was more
feelings of frustration.  Paintings not turning out the way
I expected.  My lack of skill interfered with my expectations.  
Combined with the fear of others critiquing my work.  There
was often one break through painting that was ahead of my
learning curve that gave me a thrill, but mostly there was a
feeling of inadequacy.   As the skills improved and I feel
confident (actually very confident!) the fear is gone. Yes gone.
I guess you could say I pushed through the pain.  Now I am not
sure euphoria is what I feel, maybe a notch below euphoria.
Pleased, satisfied, content sometimes proud.
Although I have been known to do a little happy dance when it
all comes together and I know it looks real good. 
I am glad I pushed through the painful years without giving
up.  While I may not get a "high" painters high I do have a
strong sense of well being and contentment.   Yes, interlaced
with whatever life throws at me, occasionally times of low sales
and sometimes feeling like there is not  enough time to
accomplish all I have on my plate,  underling all that I still
mostly feel content, satisfied and pleased.
A bit of a high!

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Kathy said...

Hi Andy. I totally understand your "Artistic" high. I love to paint through the night...really all night...getting to bed in the early hours. I love the quiet during this time although my music is always on and pretty loud. lol. My studio become my sanctuary. But after hours of painting and giving birth to a piece of art I am on a real high. So high that I have a hard time coming down. I can not fall to sleep for a few hours afterwards. My mind goes a mile a minute and I am still creating and thinking of the NEXT piece of art. So I totally understand your art high and I think this, too, is part of the creative process. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Kathy :)