Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridays Check in

My first outdoor show is tomorrow
Saturday, 4/28.
It is to be a bit chilly and rain in the afternoon.
I am hoping the weatherman is wrong, I am looking
for sunny skies. The van is packed and we are
ready to seize the day. Heading to Lewisburg, PA

the show:
Lewisburg Market Street Arts Festival
Held on Market Street in downtown Lewisburg, PA
from 10am to 5pm ~ rain or shine!
(my space last year was 43N)

Sunday morning I am dropping Linda at the airport
and she is going with a girlfriend to Vancouver.
I am a bachelor for 5 days. As much of a bachelor
as I can be with my in laws living with me and all
Linda's friends checking in on me! I plan to ride my
bike and stay late at track, that's living it up for me!!

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