Monday, May 23, 2011

Basket painting

Original Watercolor
Image: 17x20"  ~ Framed: 20x23"
Untitled!  (suggestions welcome)

I was away at a 4-day show with two days of
rain!  I had this basket started and since I had
electric (I could use my hair dryer) I was able
to finish it even though it was damp.  I love the
way it turned out.  I planned to do a blog painting
today but I unpacked the van, went Costco shopping
with Linda, mowed the lawn even though it was
wet and 10' high!  It was nice to have dinner with
the family tonight since track is over.


Autumn Leaves said...

A beautiful job, Andy. Love that wooden plank type table too.

Delores said...

ready for market

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy - it's Michele of Rich and Michele - my idea for a title would be "Anticipation" as if the basket were waiting to be filled!