Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More on the chairs...

Step 4: I started working in some grass. This is a fall
painting so I am saving the leaves! I simply painted around
them.  Then I added a light wash for the shrubs behind the wall.

Step 5:  There is a lot in this photo... I am now going deeper into
the stone wall, adding a  mixture of Red and Burnt Umber and darker
Paynes Grey.  Building texture on the stones.  Adding the dark spaces
between the stones.  I also defined the spaces between the slates in the
chair using Paynes Grey, paying attention where the stones spaces are.
Next onto the leaves in the grass, using Yellow Ochre and a touch of
Cad. Orange.

Step 6:   I moved on to the background.  It is woods.
So I am treating it a bit like a puzzel.  Defining just
enough tree and bush.  Tapping in bits of color to give
a fall feeling.
It is coming together.  I can envision the end result.

Needed to stop for track, we had a meet.  Both
boys and girls won. (Warwick vs Cedar Crest)
Kids are doing very well.  I was a little worried since they
had off Friday and Monday...4 days without training.

If you are planning your weekend, I am showing in Lewisburg
on Saturday...  More info: http://www.andysmithartist.com/
Next week is my Spring Open House.

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rajeev said...

Andy, I liked your paintings very much. Some times they are too realistic, but that may be your way of expressing yourself. Really enjoy reading your posts/ viewing the paintings and the process.