Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gettysburg Battlefield in the Snow #10

6"x4" watercolor ~ SOLD!
$250.00 Studio Price

This is my last Battlefield painting!
I painted 10 miniatures and 1 large painting.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I am ready to
move on. Thank you for indulging me, it has
been a great study in snow, fields, barns and
wintry skies.

I missed yesterdays blog, I taught a morning class,
then took Rashetta to Maryland to visit her other
family and by the time I returned to Lititz it was dinner
time and then I had my evening class.
So there was no blog painting accomplished. Sometimes
life gets to complicated!
But it was great having Rashetta home for a visit.

Today I spent a few hours with a young artist "Corey".
He came for a visit and some encouraging words.
I see potential and some of the same frustrations
I had when I started. It is easy to forget after 30
years of painting how hard it was when learning the
craft, working through the mental roadblocks, juggling
time and the desire to paint. The feelings of insecurity.
Not measuring up to the idea in your head...
I hope to have the pleasure of working with him, I can help
with the painting and leave the rest up to Linda!

Next week is the last "Drop In Class" $15 class for February.
March starts a new set of 4 classes ~ $60.00 ~ 4 sets of
2hr classes. Limited to 8 students ~ call/email to sign up.
Click here to see some of my students new work.

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Autumn Leaves said...

Gorgeous stones that lay a wonderful foundation for this beauty. I am awed by the snow on the roof...Excellent job on the roofing shingles, Andy.