Tuesday, July 20, 2010


4" x 6" Original Watercolor

These bottles were found on the shelf
below the pottery I painted earlier.
I was interested in their color and
the reflections in the glass.

I am running short on time today.
I took Linda to the market, the store and
the Library. By then it was noon! I then
did a little gutter maintenance since it is to
rain, this required a trip to the hardware
store. Finally I started painting and it was
time to stop for dinner. Back to my painting
and then I am interrupted by my buddy Joe,
enticing me to chat, so I am finishing a
painting at almost 11pm...
still counts for today!


AutumnLeaves said...

Love the yellow reflection of the bottle on the wall, Andy. Well done!!

Sherlyn said...

I wish I had a million dollars; I'd come in and buy out your studio. Rarely is there a painting that's not to my taste. You capture so much of what I feel. Thank you for all the enjoyment you give just by seeing your art. Sheri K.

Virginia Floyd said...

Someone already said what I was thinking--the reflection of the bottle against the wall is beautiful.