Thursday, March 11, 2010

Room for Two! ~ adirondack chairs

6"x 4" Original Watercolor

Normally I do not have any hidden meaning
in my paintings, but I think I have something
to say in this one... Something grabbed me.
Only two chairs, near the water, far from
civilization, implied quiet and peaceful...

But it is not meant to be, we leave tomorrow
to set up for a show. The plan, weather
permitting is to spend the morning in Princeton,
NJ looking for new subjects. The set up.
The Show:
March 13 & 14
The Cranbury Craft Show
Held at the Cranbury School on Main St.
Cranbury, NJ Sat. 10-4 & Sun. 11-4

Also...I am featured in an interview with
Daily Painters. Click on the website then
click on "Daily Painters Cafe"


Autumn Leaves said...

I so love Adirondack chairs; these are exquisite and I can imagine myself sitting there and just enjoying the sea and the breezes. I am most intrigued with the yellowed sky. It is so beautiful and has such a natural look, one that surprises me to see since it is that pale yellow color. Brilliant, Andy!!

Nan Johnson said...

Hi! I love this work for 2 main reasons -- my husband & I have a home in the adirondacks with, you guessed it, adirondack chairs. And we actually had 2 adirondack chairs on top of our wedding cake. Mine had a veil, bouquet of flowers and a wine glass. My husbands had a tie and a beer mug. Your painting -- implied quiet & peaceful. Perfect!