Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 Winter Series #18

6"x 4" Original Watercolor

A Lancaster County farm scene in

This week is getting away from me! I was
able to finish the larger painting (below) over
the weekend at the show. But the past few
days Linda had a "honey do list" that went on
forever! We finally purchased a new bed
which somehow turned into clean out the
whole bedroom... I taught two classes and I
had a track meeting. Track starts Monday,
which makes concentrating on painting a
bit harder.
Below is my latest larger painting.
I was focused on the greens, I wanted
them to look real which required painting
each needle then pushing darker color
between. This is another New Castle, DE
Untitled but open to suggestions... 16"x 12"

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Autumn Leaves said...

Wow, Andy! Love the painting of the house and the paper's texture just adds so much to this piece. A truth in one of my lessons that I recently had in how much the paper can lend to the composition. I really love the one you finished while at your show. I honestly did think it was a photograph because of those evergreens. Your efforts were quite successful. I also love those old fashioned working shutters! Exquisite!! Let's see...title suggestion..."Shuttered Greens"...?